Léim, Léim, Gach Duine Léim

Ah the days of being at the Teenage Disco and bopping around to House of Pain’s ‘Jump Around’. Ok I lie, all teenagers ever did to this song was, well, jump. And bump into each other. And fall down.  Anyway due to the Irish-American roots of House of Pain, you’ll still find the song played at those dishcos down the country. You know, usually between the slow set (something from a Patrick Swayze movie) and Amhrán na bhFiann?!

Anyway, Des Bishop’s documentary In the Name of the Fada has been following the Irish-American as he attempts to learn the Irish language; and judging by last Thursday’s programme, Des has more Irish than about 75 per cent of the population. Fair  play to him… or should that be féarplé? If anything, the programme strikes you as to how bloody easy the Irish language is and how bloody difficult the education system makes it seem. Des did the Foundation Level Irish and proclaimed that if, after 14 years of learning a language, you are reduced to matching words and pictures in an exam there is seriously something wrong with you.

But could it be that this series can spawn a hit single? As part of the programme, Des enlisted the help of a friend to translate, yep you’ve guessed it, Jump Around. The result? Well, take a look yourself. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Léimigí Thart

More :: Download Des Bishop’s Léimigí Thart

More :: Watch In the Name of the Fada


~ by waffler on March 30, 2008.

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