“In my view, Blackrock is the OC of Ireland”

Blackrock, Co. LouthBefore I go any further, let me make this absolutely clear. We are talking about Blackrock, County Louth NOT Blackrock, County Dublin. You know, the one near Dundalk, populated by people who believe that not having a Dundalk address makes them posh. Waffler says “listen to your accent!” The picture on the right shows Blackrock. Why, there’s Seth (L), Ryan (C) and Marissa (R)…

Anyway, the man of wisdom who has uttered the immortal words is a man who has become the reason for the increase in emmigration from Ireland, an increase in the sale of Argos two-for-one cubic zirconia earrings, and why the Dundalk Democrat has become a bigger seller among socialites than VIP. Lorcan Malone was the boy who brought the MTV series ‘My Super Sweet Sixteen UK’ to his hometown for his very own self-indulgent party with the local teenage rent-a-crowd coming in handy.

Lorcan The theme was Winter Wonderland. Lorcan wanted huskies. Cue the bewildered party planner who was more used to stroppy brides wanting ‘lilac’ rather than ‘pink’ candles in the hotel lobby. “There aren’t that many huskies in Ireland,” said the bloke with the eyebrows. “That’s not my problem,” said the 16-year old with the hair.

But the moment where all hope for the future of this dear country of ours was lost was the moment where Lorcan had to hand out his invites. Already having roped in two Assets models on a day out from St. Stephen’s Green, the local bingo caller and the photographer from the Dundalk Democrat, Lorcan’s agonising hours training abseiling came in handy as the crowd the Marshes Shopping Centre were aghast. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It’s Lorcan is a stupid white tie! Huzzah!

I give up. Is this what the Celtic Tiger has spawned? Is it a Celtic Cub?! If it is Waffler cries for a recession! Now! NOW! Please? Bring back the eighties, all is forgiven. And anyway, who the hell in Ireland has a sixteenth anyway? Thanks to the law on driving in Ireland, there was no car in a bow – as what happens in the US version.

You can view the show and Lorcan in all his glory by clicking here.

After all that, Waffler asks a question: when is this released…?

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~ by waffler on January 15, 2008.

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