Léim, Léim, Gach Duine Léim

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Ah the days of being at the Teenage Disco and bopping around to House of Pain’s ‘Jump Around’. Ok I lie, all teenagers ever did to this song was, well, jump. And bump into each other. And fall down.  Anyway due to the Irish-American roots of House of Pain, you’ll still find the song played at those dishcos down the country. You know, usually between the slow set (something from a Patrick Swayze movie) and Amhrán na bhFiann?!

Anyway, Des Bishop’s documentary In the Name of the Fada has been following the Irish-American as he attempts to learn the Irish language; and judging by last Thursday’s programme, Des has more Irish than about 75 per cent of the population. Fair  play to him… or should that be féarplé? If anything, the programme strikes you as to how bloody easy the Irish language is and how bloody difficult the education system makes it seem. Des did the Foundation Level Irish and proclaimed that if, after 14 years of learning a language, you are reduced to matching words and pictures in an exam there is seriously something wrong with you.

But could it be that this series can spawn a hit single? As part of the programme, Des enlisted the help of a friend to translate, yep you’ve guessed it, Jump Around. The result? Well, take a look yourself. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Léimigí Thart

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Great moments of our Political Times #1

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From the archives, let’s get down and dirty with political life on this little island of ours. Yes, it’s TD-come-rent-a-quote Conor Lenihan showing fantastic knowledge of Turkey and its culture with a quote that he is still to live down…

Michael Corcoran. Legend.

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Waffler was always a fan of radio commentary. Think about it. How does one get across the spirit of a game when the listener can’t see the game? Step forward, Michael Corcoran. Long standing rugby commentator, Michael has seen plenty of highs and lows. And after seeing the failure of Leinster in the Heineken Cup, it was left to Munster to fight their way out of the ‘Pool of Death’.

I used to think that Gabriel Egan at the Euro ’88 finals against England was one of the great pieces of commentary. But have a listen to Corcoran almost have a heart attack as O’Gara breaks after 22 phases, passes to Leamy who dodges one challenge and falls over the line.

Clicky here.

And if you’re wondering about the visuals…

Spot the Difference #2

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Waffler has just spotted the new series of ads for Cadbury’s Creme Egg. I know, I know we’re just over Christmas, yada, yada, but in fairness to Cadbury, Easter does happen in March this year.

Enough of that. It was just while watching them that I realised, someone in the advertisers must have got a certain Bunny Suicide book for Christmas? Observe:

Exhibit A: 

Exhibit B:

“In my view, Blackrock is the OC of Ireland”

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Blackrock, Co. LouthBefore I go any further, let me make this absolutely clear. We are talking about Blackrock, County Louth NOT Blackrock, County Dublin. You know, the one near Dundalk, populated by people who believe that not having a Dundalk address makes them posh. Waffler says “listen to your accent!” The picture on the right shows Blackrock. Why, there’s Seth (L), Ryan (C) and Marissa (R)…

Anyway, the man of wisdom who has uttered the immortal words is a man who has become the reason for the increase in emmigration from Ireland, an increase in the sale of Argos two-for-one cubic zirconia earrings, and why the Dundalk Democrat has become a bigger seller among socialites than VIP. Lorcan Malone was the boy who brought the MTV series ‘My Super Sweet Sixteen UK’ to his hometown for his very own self-indulgent party with the local teenage rent-a-crowd coming in handy.

Lorcan The theme was Winter Wonderland. Lorcan wanted huskies. Cue the bewildered party planner who was more used to stroppy brides wanting ‘lilac’ rather than ‘pink’ candles in the hotel lobby. “There aren’t that many huskies in Ireland,” said the bloke with the eyebrows. “That’s not my problem,” said the 16-year old with the hair.

But the moment where all hope for the future of this dear country of ours was lost was the moment where Lorcan had to hand out his invites. Already having roped in two Assets models on a day out from St. Stephen’s Green, the local bingo caller and the photographer from the Dundalk Democrat, Lorcan’s agonising hours training abseiling came in handy as the crowd the Marshes Shopping Centre were aghast. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It’s Lorcan is a stupid white tie! Huzzah!

I give up. Is this what the Celtic Tiger has spawned? Is it a Celtic Cub?! If it is Waffler cries for a recession! Now! NOW! Please? Bring back the eighties, all is forgiven. And anyway, who the hell in Ireland has a sixteenth anyway? Thanks to the law on driving in Ireland, there was no car in a bow – as what happens in the US version.

You can view the show and Lorcan in all his glory by clicking here.

After all that, Waffler asks a question: when is this released…?

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Spot the Difference

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Let’s play Waffler Spot the Difference! Take a look at the two front pages below. Both are the Guardian. Both are dated 9 January 2008. Trust me, there is a difference…

Exhibit A


Exhibit B


Oh. Crap.

Not a good calendar, a great calendar

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I’m not one to do any advertising for The Irish Times or anything. But just a note to say that the paper has a free Martyn Turner calendar for every reader tomorrow, January 9. Still probably the biggest window to planet Ireland in the whole newspaper…

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