Waffler is back. Back! BACK!

WantedJaysus, was November 13th the last time Waffler was alive and well? Unlucky for some?! Aaaannnyway, Waffler is back after his longish hibernation from the real world. Ok, sigh, I was running Hillary Clinton’s campaign until ‘someone’ found out that we’d used all but $20 million of our campaign money. I used the whole ‘the money was just resting in my account’ spiel but I’m not exactly a Taoiseach or anything!

Gosh, I really have missed out on a hell of a lot. I feel sad. There was the whole tribunal thing, there was the whole Genesis thing, there was the whole US Election thingamajig, the Radiohead thing and the whole Christmas hullaballoo. Yes, it really has been a turbulent time in the world of Ireland Inc.

Oh and I got a jumper for Christmas. Maybe you didn’t need to know that.

Now that we’re back in motion expect posts a bit more regularly. Waffler is a working man, now, don’t you know.

Oh alright, here’s what I really was doing over the past two months…


~ by waffler on January 8, 2008.

One Response to “Waffler is back. Back! BACK!”

  1. Welcome back. Don’t do that again.

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