Are you the cheese to my onion?

Following a brief forray into the world of politics which resulted in him causing more outrage among county councils than many of the candidates, Mr. Tayto is back on his latest promotion jaunt. With only four weeks until St. Hallmark Day (also known as St. Valentine’s Day), it’s time to find Mr. Tayto his very own Mrs. Tayto. In what looks to Waffler like an online version of the Lovely Girl Contest, girls are invited to upload their picture and say why they really, really should be the winner.

Regretfully, the entries so far have been a little disappointing. If the question ‘why do you want to be Mrs. Tayto’ was a witty tie-breaker competition, well I’d ask Mr. Tayto he’s better off a bachelor. Among the answers so far are:

  • “I will accompany Mr. Tayto on all his business trips to promote his crisps.”
  • “I know him the best.”
  • “I can eat a whole bag of Tayto crisps in two minutes.”
  • “I understand everything about potatoes.”
  • “All my friends will vote or I’ll kill them.”

And my personal fave:

  • “Because I love to eat crisps in bed.”


Mr. Tayto has also (stupidly) asked guys for their cheesy chat-up lines. Waffler wouldn’t be able to reproduce any of them as the stink of cheese would be hanging around this blog for days on end. Suffice to say they’re scary. Scary.

Makes me wonder what the prize for this wonderous achievement will be? A modelling contract? A date with aforementioned Mr. Tayto? A lifetime supply of Mr. Tayto’s magnificent product? Ummm, the truth is probably nothing, nada, zilch. Maybe a kiss from a bloke dressed as Mr. Tayto and a photo in the ‘Dodgy Photo Opportunity’ section of The Chancer.

Oh, the glory!

More :: Mr. Tayto on the interweb…


~ by waffler on January 8, 2008.

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