First sign of Halloween: Men turning into Women

MetrosexualIt’s the scariest day of the year and while Waffler awaits the first knock on the door from the Trick or Treaters (I plan to give them grapes and bananas – much more healthy), the scariest survey of the year is out. One-third of men are turning into women. Fact. Why, you ask?

Because Science Week is coming up, a survey on gadgets and gizmos was commissioned by those behind it. All very scientific and in truth, not that much surprise. 48% own the latest games console, 37% own a plasma screen TV and 52% own George Foreman. Sorry, that should be a George Foreman Grill although how much he’s getting for that who knows – more than his boxing days probably. Does he use his grill for breakfast, lunch and dinner? I wonder.

The bit that really got me though was when it came to owning hair straighteners. Two-thirds of women own a pair – which actually seems a little low considering this is dealing with the 25-44  age group. But what’s worrying is a third of men own a hair straightener. Yep, that’s 33% of the 25-44 group. 1 in 3 of your mates down the pub watching the match. It used to be that men had to ask “what the hell are GHDs?” Now they buy the things… Maybe even the pink ones!

It’s another triumph for the metrosexual. The man who walks down the street looking prim and proper and with immaculate hair. In truth, it’s a wonder a third of men own one seeing as I don’t know that many guys with hair long enough for GHDs to be used. If the survey is to be believed, five members of the Irish rugby first team own a hair straightener. My money’s on John Hayes. It’s a wonder one of them didn’t advertise GHDs for the duration of the tour – Ronan O’Gara was putting weight behind everything else. “This is Ronan O’Gara. All my life I’ve been chasing silverware with frizzy, curly locks. Now I use the new silver GHD straightener…” Makes sense to me.

More :: Third of men own a hair straightener – Survey (RTÉ) 


~ by waffler on October 31, 2007.

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