“If you want Nell McCafferty to stop singing, please send your money now!”

Michelle de BruinIt’s Telethon day tomorrow. So far the most odd fundraising event is happening at the top of Grafton Street where a man is doing an ‘iron man static triathlon’. He will run a marathon on a treadmill, he’ll cycle on an exercise bike and then swim in a giant tank of water. Mad. It’ll take 12 hours. All in the name of charity. The suffering of the public started a long time ago though, with Celebrities Go Wild on RTÉ One. Unlike the likes of I’m a Celebrity, RTÉ’s effort contains 80% less celebrities. Fact! Indeed Waffler was sad to see Katie French voted off on the first show! Boo! But she looked so gorgeous crossing that tightrope in a black swimsuit and white runners. Beautiful.

Unfortunately for former swimmer Michelle de Bruin (pictured), her balance failed her and down she went… into a bog. Michelle’s had a tough time these past few days. In hiding since that urine sample, this is the first the Irish people have heard or seen of the woman formerly known as Michelle Smith in about 8 years. She still feels a little aggrieved though. Last Friday, as the ‘celebs’ were introduced on the Late Late, Michelle refused pointblankly to be interviewed by Pat Kenny. The official reason was that Michelle was worried Pat would broach the D-word. That’s drugs by the way. In fairness, Michelle probably has seen Pat’s interviewing technique before – it’s like being interviewed by a piece of MDF – I’d do the same. (Did anyone see his interview with Richard Hammond?!!) After falling into the Connemara bog, Michelle stormed off and refused to use the shower’s provided. Waffler has heard that she failed the ‘Celebrities Go Wild’ drugs test following her performance… she didn’t use enough.

Interestingly, tomorrow Pat Kenny will himself be interviewed… by Podge and Rodge. Huzzah!

Anyhoo, it’s brought us back to the good old days when People in Need was all about sending in that week’s pocket money just to see the total raised go up and up, to see Gay Byrne change his sweater and to see Zig and Zag ask the public to give their money or else…

More :: Watch Michelle falling into a bog here (RTÉ) 


~ by waffler on October 25, 2007.

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