Begorrah, Heroes land in Ireland

Waffler has just stumbled across something new. That NBC hit Heroes goes to Ireland in Series 2 (yet to be seen in Ireland or the UK). It seems Peter Petrelli has ended up in Cork – got there by container ship, as you do. There’s a love interest in Caitlin (pronounced Kate-Lynn, don’t you know) and her bad-boy brothers who want to steal the winnings from a ‘soccer’ match between Celtic and AC Milan. (Jaysus, did they put a bet on Dida falling to the ground too??)

Remarkably for a US TV show set in the States all the action centres around, yep you guessed it, a pub! And a pint is never far away either. Even more disastrous are the accents. Not since Julia Roberts in Michael Collins can one really say they tried their hardest but wouldn’t it be simpler to just cast an Irish person? Dominic Keating is from Leicester, Katie Carr is from London, Holt McCallany is from New York and then there’s a Kenyan whose name I can’t pronounce. Although technically they should be saying ‘boy’ at the end of every sentence, instead it’s a weird hybrid of accents. Best thing since ‘Far and Away’. Diddly-aye music is also the order of the day – whether it’s dark and moody or romantic…

Oh and there’s a fight. In the pub. Naturally.

Seems more like Limerick to me…

Anyway, here’s a sample. Begorrah…


~ by waffler on October 24, 2007.

One Response to “Begorrah, Heroes land in Ireland”

  1. I agree, those accents are pretty damn dreadful!! And Celtic were a “lock” to beat AC Milan!? Really!!? Those must have been some odds! Also, Nathan arrived outside in a black hack. In Cork!?

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