Ron Paul declares Americans don’t really like war

Picture the scene, a potential Republican candidate in the US presidential election at a debate with fellow candidates. In front of you stands hundreds of Republican supporters – the ones who could potentially decide if you’re good enough to still be standing this time next year. You know the types. Criticise Bush and you get an earful about how he is ridding the world of terrorism.

Ron Paul takes the stage, and as if he isn’t bad enough in opposing the Iraq war from day one, he goes and gives this answer:

As we can hear, the sentiments that 70-80% of the US population are sick and tired of the war didn’t really go down too well in a Fox News sponsored event. Whatever Fox did, maybe they managed to get that 20-30% of the population who keep saying ‘War? Hell yeah!’ into the auditorium.

Nevertheless, Paul got booed twice during last night’s debate.  Two seems to be the magic number for Paul these days. A Zogby poll that’s been doing the rounds in the US show that 47% of the general public would never ever ever vote for Ron Paul. It’s the highest of all the Republican candidates. Alas, Paul doesn’t receive his crowning glory though. 50% of the general public would never vote for Hillary Clinton. Jeez, I can’t wait to see what might happen if Hillary vs. Paul ever happens. And the winner by 32,987 votes to 30,874 votes is…

In fact, why not do a text poll? It seems Fox are getting the hang of these text polls, and so are the public. Sure the public are getting to love winding up Fox News about these things… it’s fun to see them squirm.


~ by waffler on October 23, 2007.

4 Responses to “Ron Paul declares Americans don’t really like war”

  1. I didn’t watch the debate because I’m a Ron Paul supporter (which I am). I tuned in just to see Sean Hannity squirm, and boy did he! That guy really has trouble controlling his emotions. When is Faux news going to realize that their bias is only helping the Paul campaign?

  2. It appears that nearly everyone has the magical ability to know which polls are valid and which are not. It turns out that the only valid polls are the ones they agree with. What a coincidence! Those are called “scientific”. Cool.

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  4. I find it interesting that Paul has the support of independents, libertarians and even some democrats as well as a good GOP base here in NH, yet you claim republicans would never vote for him? What kind of a republican would vote for Hillary? They are what we have said all along — NOT REALLY REPUBLICANS AT ALL. W ran on the no intervention policy in 2000, and it was fine then. No one called him a chimp.

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