All in the name of char-i-dee…

It’s that time of the decade again. As regular as the Rugby World Cup, it’s the RTÉ People in Need Telethon! Yay! Unlike our UK counterparts who like these charity events to be once a year, the Irish like not to pester the public too much, so it’s the eighth telethon on Friday night. Chances are, we’ll be coming back to this topic before Friday comes but already the talk of the town is the People in Need eBay auction!

Glenda's PictureWaffler has taken a look at some of the items on offer and it’s a collection of the weird, wonderful and just plain bizarre. In the latter category is a landscape painting by Glenda Gilson. Yes that Glenda Gilson. She’s been given a hand by that Irish art genius Jim Fitzpatrick… although how much of a hand is anyone’s guess. Nonetheless, Glenda is pretty proud of her work. “My landscape was chosen by me as I thought it to be a bit of a challenge as there was a lot of detail and depth to it which I hope I’ve achieved. Our theme was autumn so I wanted to make my autumn, though small, the focal part of the painting- where immediately your eye is drawn to that point.” Indeed.

What makes it bizarre is that already there have been 16 bids with the current one set at €3,850. That’s more than the signed Irish rugby shirt, the signed Natasha Bedingfield album, the paragliding lesson and the VIP panto tickets (?). Amazing. It’s the popularity of her stint on Bubble Hits I tell ya.

Ben and JerrysOne item which should be as high as Glenda’s painting should be this. Wait for it. Think about those lonely nights in front of the telly. It’s a year’s supply of Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream. Stop salivating down the back! Currently it’s at €152.50 but with the auction not finishing until 8pm on Friday, I’ve a feeling the bids will go up. There has been interest from abroad but according to People in Need, the auction is only open to those in Ireland. All the more reason for us to be gluttonous…

The current state of Irish football can also be seen in the auction. An away Irish jersey signed by the squad in Slovakia last month is currently up there. The current value of Irish football? €46.50…

More :: The People in Need Auction on eBay


~ by waffler on October 23, 2007.

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