Michael D: Everthing he touches turns to…

Waffler has just come back from the Botanic Gardens in Glasnevin. Very nice. I thoroughly recommend their leek and potato soup. Anyway, while wandering around in the sunshine, I came across a bit of an unusual tree. Fascinated, I went up to see what it was. It said:

Tree 1

MDHAmazing. It was a tree planted by one white-haired former Minister. Looking at the tree a little more, it wasn’t surprising it was planted by Deputy Higgins. He is probably the most respected Labour member of all time. No wonder really – just to show he has the midas touch, take a look at the colour of the tree!!

Tree 2


~ by waffler on October 19, 2007.

One Response to “Michael D: Everthing he touches turns to…”

  1. […] ‘doing’ Anonymous with Jason Byrne and have to admit that getting Waffler’s mate Michael D. Higgins to say ‘fuck’ on television was worth the €7.5 million that the country raised for […]

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