Official: Ireland good for ‘ze craic’

PubmanWell it’s finally official. Ireland has beaten off those strongholds such as Fiji, Vietnam and Indonesia to win the coveted title of ‘Friendliest place on Earth’. Come and not a bad word will be said about you. We’ll welcome you with open arms and if we slag you… well it’s all part of the fun according to Lonely Planet.

“Centuries of turmoil, conquest and famine – and subsequent immigration – have certainly taken their toll on the Irish; it’s left them with a deliciously dark sense of humour and a welcoming attitude towards strangers.”

In fairness that “deliciously dark sense of humour” really should read “Irish people will just slag you off, but all in good humour, mind”. It’s no wonder we’re really so friendly. Someone has to be if you’re on an island in the middle of the Atlantic and it’s rainy more than it’s sunny. But the real test of friendliness is the locals.

Here’s a test the next time you drive up a country lane in the middle of some Ballygonowhere. As you meet oncoming traffic give the driver a wee wave from the drivers seat. 95% of the time you’ll get a wave back. Try this with oncoming pedestrians and the chances of a wave increase to 99%. That other 1% is just plain mean. Anyway, you could be an axe murderer driving you’re Opel Corsa around and you’d still get a wave. You’re ‘friend’ on the road will merely think ‘Jaysus is that the young O’Brien from down the road? He’s got fierce oriental lookin’.’ Friendliest nation on Earth.

Lonely Planet also acknowledged the Irish ability to find ‘craic’. No, not crack, but what LP describe as “fun times with convivial company”. Hmmm so the next time someone calls you and asks you if you’re looking for convivial company, you’ll know what it’s all about. And all we’re still famous for according to Lonely Planet is Guinness. Oh they give a description of that too:  “a syrupy, black nectar”. Here was me thinking everyone called it ‘the black stuff’.

Ah, it just means that everyone will always seek ‘ze craic’ like Gunther here…

More: Ireland the world’s ‘friendliest destination’: Irish Times


~ by waffler on October 17, 2007.

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