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World of Liquorice

From the ‘Surely I could do better than that’ department. BBC News brings us news that the corporations former employee DJ Mike Read has thrown all his weight behind becoming an artist. But instead of using paint and a few brushes, Mike has decided to use confectionery. Where was he when we were told never to play with food?!

What’s more, Mike is becoming somewhat successful at this game, scoring some time to exhibit his choc-art at the Karen Taylor Contemporary Art Gallery in Twickenham, London. His piece entitled ‘Map of the World’ (above) is his piece de resistance and is made from a packet of Bertie Bassett’s Liquorice Sweets. Yep, I know what you’re thinking. “Waffler, I thought it was the real thing.” You’d be mistaken, but the likeness is uncanny. Waffler is particularly impressed with the Gulf region, South Asia, India and Pakistan – for the fact that the whole of that area is represented by eh, um, well, not much really. Nice background, though.

Mike Read

This is just the latest in a list of ‘projects’ by Read – a list that would cause Damon Albarn a bit of embarrassment. Unfortunately for him there have been more misses than anything resembling a hit. In 2004, he placed all his skills into a musical about the life and times of Oscar Wilde. It closed after one night. And it was savagely mauled by critics. ‘Excruciating… a pitiful vanity project,” said the Telegraph. Oops. And before that Read sought to pour his effort into a musical about the life of one Cliff Richard. That was panned too, but lasted longer than the Oscar Wilde effort. Waffler has no idea why. The spiel was so good:

Imagine the scene. It is 2020 and Lord Cliff Richard is working out at The Joint, the Keith Richards health club. Richard is planning his 80th birthday party with his trusted butler Welch. There are songs to be chosen and highlights of his career to look back on. 

Hmmm. Indeed. Nevertheless, Read has some 35 published works of poetry and, as his Wikipedia entry puts it “and a newspaper article”. In that article he pledged his support for the Tories and in particular Boris Johnson. It’s a bit like Pat Kenny pledging his support for Willie O’Dea – well intended, but you can’t imagine the two of them going out for a night on the tiles. Anyway, a record 1,132 people commented on the Guardian website regarding Read’s article. Approximately 2 of them were supportive of Read. Oops, again.

Sgt Peppers sweets

Nevertheless, Mike will truck on with the memories of that famous day he smashed the Frankie Goes To Hollywood record live on BBC Radio 1 and gained instant notoriety. Even if that notoriety stretches as far as Smashie and Nicey on the Harry Enfield Show. His new project, while getting as far as a modern art gallery, may have a bumpy ride. Chocoholics will love it no doubt, but the art critics? They remain to be convinced. As always.

More :: Mike Read’s Art Gallery (BBC News)


~ by waffler on October 5, 2007.

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