“Well, it’s not exactly Mike Tyson…”

Waffler was rolling around his front room last night in the 90th minute of the Champions League match between Celtic and Milan. A bit like Brazilian goalkeeper Dida, actually. Except it was more in relation to the hilarity of the situation rather than the pain.

The video of the incident is now up on the net but what Waffler is sad about is it actually doesn’t show how long this incident wore on. Five minutes to be exact, between Scott McDonald placing the ball into the back of the Milan net and the game resuming. In between that we had Dida on the cusp of death from the light ‘tickle’ an idiotic Celtic fan gave him after running onto the pitch.

Watching the incident, you really have to wonder what on earth is going through Dida’s head following that swipe. He initially ran after the fat bloke, as if about to square up for a contest, before remarkably collapsing on the ground and rolling in agony, as if shot by a passing sniper. Well, it was his mistake that gifted all three points to the Glasgow outfit and his initial cries for offside were one of those ‘don’t blame me’ moments. Dida, though, used to be a good goalkeeper and knows how Uefa work. Any incident involving a fan and they come down hard. Think of Waffler’s favourite referee of all time Anders Frisk getting hit in the head with a cigarette lighter in Rome. The lighter did more than the Celtic fan: it drew blood.

So we can imagine that as Dida began running after the fat Celtic bloke, the cogs in his mind were saying ‘Nooooo you idiot, fall down. Milk it! Miiiilllllllkkkkk iiiitttt!!!’ And suddenly his legs collapse.

Now, of course, there’s talk of Celtic receiving a hefty fine, points deduction, playing behind closed doors and a fashion course for fat Celtic fans. Grey coats are sooo out. Anyway, because of Dida being wrapped up in cotton wool and stretchered off with an ice pack holding his head together, Celtic are aggrieved. They fully accept the stupidity of the fat Celtic bloke and that he shouldn’t have been on the pitch but Dida’s theatrics have earned him a gold star… in theatrics. Johnny Giles on RTÉ last night went as far as to say Dida should be cited for bringing the game into disrepute. Waffler goes further and says Dida needs a little toughening-up…

Just be glad he didn’t get a ‘Glasgow kiss’.

See, now small league fans, they proper attack:


~ by waffler on October 4, 2007.

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