Ode to O’Dea

Martyn Turner on Willie O'Dea

It’s been some day for the most popular TD in the country (copyright general election 2007). He awoke, like we all did to the news that a man and a woman had told newspapers that Willie ‘the Dynamo’ O’Dea had asked them for a fight over the current situation in Shannon. Yes it’s that old ‘if you don’t agree with me my fists will make you’ routine. Naturally enough, Willie has strenuously denied the accusations, going as far as to question how he could ‘work the room’ of a pub on a crowded Saturday night.

John Fahey, CEO of the Meet Limerick/Shannon group, and Geraldine Morrissey, spokeswoman for Aer Lingus’ Shannon workers, were having a quiet drink in a Limerick local when the alleged is alleged to have allegedly taken place. Alegedly.

The image of Willie as cuddly and huggable was dismissed by Fahey who claims that O’Dea reacted to his criticisms regarding the Shannon situation by asking “Who is that big prick?” and told Morrissey he didn’t “give a fuck” about her. Then he invited Fahey out for a fight in the middle of Limerick street. Now that’s something Waffler would pay to see: A Minister for Defence up against a protester in the pub car-park. At least the moustache would cushion the blows.

Nonetheless, what is questionable is the evidence that Willie was there having a quiet pint with Minister for Finance, Brian Cowen. Today O’Dea is discounting the incident as ridiculous and queried why he would invite 6’5” Fahey to a fight, but our good friend Biffo ‘the Offaly Odyssey’ Cowen (sorry, can’t think of a better name) seems lost in these accounts.

Did Biffo sit in the corner saying, “I don’t know that guy? Me? I’ve never seen him before in my life” as Willie squared up to Fahey? Did he quietly slip out of the pub unknown to O’Dea? Or was there gonna be a tag team going on if Willie and Fahey ended up in the pub car-park? Whatever about O’Dea being foolish to square up to the 6’5” man, I’m pretty sure Biffo could have managed him much better. Simply be reciting figures handed to him by a civil servant…. well, that’s what he gets away with in the Dáil chamber. Any thoughts that Willie and Biffo were out on the lash for the night were dispelled as Willie said he had only had two beers. Beer? He looks like a Beamish man, surely? And anyway, that’s nothing, Jim McDaid had more than two pints and still drove home along the Naas dual-carriageway.

The Irish taboo regarding bad language was also brought sharply into focus in this argument. As ever, both sides got a chance to put their version of events on the public record via Today with Pat Kenny this morning. Willie was appalled by what he heard. Fuck? Prick? He would never use such attrocious language! Feck? Well, O’Dea conceded he might well have said that.Pistol

Or perhaps ‘sod off’.

Or maybe ‘get lost’.

But only while defending himself, of course. He is the Minister for Defence.

Really it’s all just another reason to add to the “Willie iz kool” file of Irish politics. The ‘horror’ of having O’Dea point a pistol at you from the front pages of the newspapers did nothing but boost his legendary status in Limerick. (No pistol and Limerick jokes, right?) 19,082 first preferences, and despite the fact his moustache looked green on his posters. An amazing TD if ever there was one!!

All we need now is to get involved in a war and then see what he’s really capable of.

More: O’Dea rejects pub fight claims (RTÉ.ie)


~ by waffler on October 4, 2007.

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  1. lol too funny.1st btw

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