Woodies. Woodies. Woodies!

From that file marked ‘why the internet was invented’, YouTube offers viewers the chance to sample Irish advertising delights. In particular, the infamous Woodies DIY from the days before the Euro.

Who is that girl? Is she a robot? Is she actually a Woodies employee? Would she know what a “Mouse multi-sander” was if she used one? Is she just another of Irish television’s “lovely girls”?

So many questions! Nonetheless, this ad showcases her fantastic ability to cram about 1,500 words into 28 seconds of advertising. Pansies! Parasols! Sanders! Charbroiled barbecues! Put that in your orange B&Q apron!


~ by waffler on October 2, 2007.

One Response to “Woodies. Woodies. Woodies!”

  1. She’s like Lorraine Keane’s less famous sister. I was going to say “less talented” but that’s a moot point!

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