A swanky report for a swanky concert

StreisandWaffler has just had the opportunity to have a look at the fancy website set-up for the report on the goings-on at the Barbara Streisand concert. You remember the one where all those people who have never been to a concert before paid hundreds of euro to go see a diva sing six songs? It rained for 50 days prior to the concert and so the concert site turned into a mudbath and some seats seemed to magically disappear into the mud, never to be seen again? While Waffler’s hot topic this week is Twink and her tirades, I seem to remember she fairly blasted MCD following her own trip. Her friend payed over €2,500 for the tickets – and she didn’t even go for the pre-concert barbecue in Dalkey that day! Instead she complained about the traffic chaos and, as far as I remember, “Chloe’s Skechers were ruined”!

Well, good news! While MCD won’t pay the price of a pair of Skechers, they will get a €100 MCD voucher! Woohoo! Forgive me here but isn’t that a bit bad for a couple of reasons? Firstly, when I was a young lad my mother sent a carton of milk back to Avonmore because we found a fly in it. In return we got €100 worth of Avonmore soups! We didn’t use it, but it was a nice gesture. With the Babs concert, surely 90% of those at the concert don’t plan to go to another until maybe Andrea Bocelli or Red Hurley come to town again.

Secondly, €100 isn’t that much at the big gigs. These guys paid up to €550 for their tickets, which was outrageous anyway, and I think their night was pretty much ruined by the whole scenario. Finally, the stubbornness of many of the complainants after the gig leads Waffler to believe that they ain’t gonna be giving MCD their custom again. Well it’s not the first time MCD has lost custom.

Lest we forget, there was also a ‘full refund’ for those whose seats disappeared in the mud and patrons who were forced to sit in a cheaper seat (the horror) will receive the difference in the value of the seat. So someone who paid €270 and ended up sitting with the plebs in the €193 seats will receive a cheque for €77. I know, that’s not even the price of one Manolo Blahnik I wore that evening….

Now, Waffler is no expert on consumer affairs but shouldn’t there be a differentiation between compensation and a refund?
Yes, I know the experience was traumatic, here’s a €100 voucher?! Hmmm.

What caught my eye however, was some of the content of the report. Either people who went to the concert are really, really dim or are chancers trying to jump on the bandwagon. The fancy website gives a breakdown of the complaints which includes:

  • 9 people who complained they didn’t know it was outdoors
  • 16 people who complained about merchandise
  • 8 people who complained about people standing in front of them

It’s unfortunate we don’t know more regarding the complaints about merchandise. Was there not enough? Was €30 too much for an official ‘I love Barbara Streisand’ concert t-shirt? I wonder. As for those complaining about people standing in front of them, surely they were so far away that they couldn’t see Barbara’s eyes anyway? I see her! She’s wearing black and has an umbrella. Oh wait, that’s the conductor.

Don’t get me started on those who believed that 17,000 people could fit inside Castletown House. They’re just not quite right. It even said it on the ticket!

What Waffler wonders however, is how come none of this fancy shwancy report business has been done for any other concert? Namely, Oxegen 2006 when MCD suddenly believed they were in Soviet Russia and ordered not a word be spoken regarding the burned tents and the general mayhem on the Sunday night. Where’s the website theburnedtentsreport.ie? Instead, MCD have got it all wrong and bowed to the pressure of some mature people rather than young music fans who just wanted a few questions answered. Will those at the Streisand gig go to another MCD concert? Probably not. Will those people at Oxegen go to another MCD concert? Most probably. Chances are the €100 vouchers will be handed to sons, daughters, grandsons and granddaughters. There’s little Johnny’s Christmas present sorted…

Anyway, anyone who is bored tonight can trawl through the hours of CCTV footage from the event. Contain your excitement down the back there. Perhaps the pictures would be a lesson in how not to manage an event.


~ by waffler on September 27, 2007.

One Response to “A swanky report for a swanky concert”

  1. They didn’t know it was outdoors? Nine of them? Wouldn’t you be too embarrassed to go to all the effort to make the damn complaint?

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