Cork twinning with Sunderland shot down, boy

SunderlandWhile the Dáil gets back in motion today after the Summer break with talk of no-confidence votes and Bertie-bashing, the meeting of Cork City Councillors last night is overshadowing Fine Gael’s big day. Representing what local politics in Ireland is all about, a heated debate took place in the heart of Cork… about Sunderland.

Cllr Dave McCarthy, an Independent, brought forward the motion that Cork City should be twinned with Sunderland to recognise the great links between the two. Namely, Roy Keane. Unsurprisingly, his fellow councillors failed to see the benefits of such a twinning and rejected the motion by 22 to 5. Sinn Féin Councillor Jonathan O’Brien called the motion ‘opportunistic’, while the rest of the councillors began a race to use the most football puns in one session.

Cllr Mick Barry (Soc) described it as an “own goal”.

Cllr Joe O’Callaghan (Lab) told those against the motion that they were “offside”.

Cllr Terry Shannon (FF) stopped the squabbling by asking “has anyone asked Sunderland?”

One can just imagine the local Sunderland councillor walking into town when he spots an addition to the ‘Welcome to Sunderland’ sign, stating ‘twinned with Cork, like’. But on this morning’s Today with Pat Kenny, Cllr McCarthy stretched his list a bit more. ‘We’re getting a metro soon, and so are they,’ he told RTÉ listeners. Aaaah, if the councillors knew that last night they surely would have passed the motion surely?

McCarthyPat Kenny had also invited the aforementioned Cllr Shannon to state his case to listeners. He questioned the sanity of the motion and asked if this was going to be a regular occurance if Keane goes on to manage other clubs. The list would be great by 2020. Sunderland, Birmingham, Rotherham, Barnsley, Norwich… maybe Manchester. But Cllr Shannon had bigger and grander ideas and agreed with Pat that Cork would be great to twin itself with a place like Shanghai.

‘Ah sure, Cork people can’t travel to Shanghai every weekend,’ was Cllr McCarthy’s (pictured) response. He has a point you know. Nevertheless, last night’s antics was probably the first occasion in many a year where a McCarthy was a cheerleader for a man named Keane…

Update: The interview with Cllr McCarthy is now online. Click here, click on ‘Today with Pat Kenny’ and go to about 1hr 07mins.


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