Fianna Fáil Press Office: Experts on Rugby

Bertie and MaryThe poor Fianna Fáil Press Office must be a hectic place at the best of times. The sentence ‘No, the Minister is not available for comment regarding that allegation’ must be imprinted on their foreheads at this stage. At the minute there are two particular subjects which they must be sick of at this stage.

  1. Bertie and the briefcase: Waffler is pretty sure there’s some sort of rotation system going on at FF. Eh, it’s Willie O’Dea’s turn to go out and defend the Taoiseach. Oh no, wait. He did Prime Time on Tuesday. It must be Noel Dempsey. Noel, here’s your script. Remember, you have full faith in the Taoiseach…
  2. The Rugby World Cup: Bizarre and all as it may seem, the FF press office are officially on the case of the RWC. And last night’s Questions and Answers proves it.

Eamon Ó Cuív, Minister for Community, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs, was the next Fianna Fáil fodder fed to the Q&A lions on Monday night after Seamus Brennan’s performance last week. (See? See? ‘B’ followed by O ‘C’???) As Waffler pointed out this time last week, Seamus had a problem identifying with a professional competition Ireland were supposed to ‘contest’ this autumn. Instead he declared that we were all mad because we were an island of 4 million and can’t possibly compete with Georgia (5 million) and Namibia (2 million). As for France (60 million), don’t even go there!

The FF press office, it seems, have decided that this is their final word on the subject. Eamon Ó Cuív was sent on RTÉ One last night with an extremely similar, if a little tinkered, sentiment.

 “In truth… the level we’re at… I think we need to recognise for Ireland to expect to win on every occasion, internationally, given our population base, given we have four major field sports on this island, I think it’s a bit unrealistic. Now this team has done well with two Triple Crowns. Had that happened 15 or 20 years ago we’d all be saying it was a magnificent achievement. I’ve no doubt they tried their best, but the talent isn’t there… Maybe they’ll have a lucky day and confound their critics. If they don’t, so what? It’s only sport.”

Eamon O CuivNevertheless, while Seamus discarded the fact that Ireland were the fifth best team in the world coming into the RWC, Eamon discarded all our players as in any way good. There was no talent pool to draw from, he maintained. Hockey, lacrosse, water polo, hopscotch: Ireland has no talent pool for those games. Eamon doesn’t realise that rugby is actually quite a big game in Ireland, with quite a few top players that aren’t performing.

O’Driscoll? Horgan? O’Gara? Nah, no good, says the Fianna Fáil Press Office.

It’s a little bit obvious that someone in FF is drilling these lines out to make the people of Ireland say ‘ah sure I suppose it’s the taking part that counts.’ FF have obviously not been in touch with Roy Keane recently so. Waffler really hopes that Ó Cuív is not invited to give the half-time chat to Kinvara under-12 hurling team next Sunday. The team are down and out, utterly depressed at the 3 goals conceded in the first half. “If you don’t give a performance, so what? It’s only hurling.” Oooh the fighting spirit….


~ by waffler on September 25, 2007.

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