‘Ah sure, isn’t Romania the 33rd county?’

Romania rugbyWaffler has just taken time out to watch the Romania v Portugal game in the Rugby World Cup. I dunno, I’m bored. And anyway, I was mightily impressed with Portugal against the All Blacks. Ok they conceded a hundred points but for a rugby country which is not in its infancy but pretty much being born, you have to take your hats off for the Portuguese effort. Romania are a little more of an expected force (emphasis on little), in the fact that I remember Ireland playing them at Lansdowne Road. What caught my eye, though, was the Romanian kit.

Does it say? No, it can’t! Can it? It does! It says O’Neill’s!

That sports manufacturer that is most famous for short shorts, that every young lad wore in the local schools under-7 GAA championship, is making the rugby kit for a nation in Eastern Europe. It makes soooo much sense! Armagh, Cork, Meath… Romania. Waffler is familiar with O’Neill’s manufacturing the GAA kit for the likes of the NYPD and some of the Asian sides, but O’Neill’s association with international rugby has come as a little bit of a surprise! They made the kit for my primary school!!

What’s more surprising is there has been no sign of the Romanian national jersey in Irish sports stores. Usually any sort of Irish connection means shirt sales go up – just look at Sunderland – and one would think that O’Neill’s could cash in on the novelty factor of having the Romanian rugby jersey with that ‘Guaranteed Irish’ logo on it?!

Anyone wishing to purchase the jersey can do so via rugbyscene.co.uk. Click here.


~ by waffler on September 25, 2007.

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