Well, Oisín does sound similar to Ronan

O'GaraWaffler has been entertained by the countless number of rumours coming out of the Irish camp in the past week or so. What is it? About 149 at last count I think, ranging from problems with Samsung TVs to Triton showers and then there was Ronan O’Gara blasting the ball at Isaac Boss. Waffler believes he deserves a good kicking for that awful, awful hairdo Isaac is currently sporting. Who has a glorified dreadlocked rats-tail! Bleh!

But the rumour that really got the tabloids angry was one that was written in two French newspapers regarding the aforementioned Ronan and some problems with Paddy Power and the like. Yes, it seemed that ROG has a gambling problem that has seen his fortune dwindle, his several credit cards max out, has seen him sell the 47 Samsung TVs he received as part of an advertising campaign and has seen him barred from Tesco. Tragic. It resulted in French-bashing more akin to their British counterparts. ‘A Slur’, they exclaimed. Poor Ronan!

Waffler thinks he has the answer though. Is it not really, really strange that the disclosure that ROG had a gambling problem approximately 12 hours after the news broke about Armagh GAA player Oisín McConville had come out and proclaimed that he had a gambling addiction that spiraled out of control in 2002?? Hmmm, suspicious. Tuesday’s story regarding Oisín came as a bit of a shock to the Irish sporting community and shone a light on a dangerous and threatening addiction that affects many people in Ireland. Surely, then, the story was so big as to be discussed at the Irish rugby camp in Bordeaux when the news broke? One can imagine how a young French sports journalist overheard two Irish hacks watching the training…

Irish Hack #1: ‘Oooh that was a bad tackle on ROG. By the way, did you hear about the gambling addiction back home today?’
Irish Hack #2: ‘Yeah, that’s something else, just got a phone call from Dublin. Seems like it’s out in the open now, but that’ll affect his game no end.’

Only then would the young French journalist ran screaming to his superiors and said something along the lines of ‘Remember we wrote that O’Gara looked sick? Change it to he’s got a gambling addiction.’ And hey presto, suddenly it’s Irish rugby rumour number 150. Eureka! All quite simple really. I can confirm in the past 20 minute that ROG has quelled any rumours that he’s sick/got a gambling problem/he’s broken up with his wife/he’s lost his Samsung contract with a quote that will send shivers down Sebastien Chabal’s spine:

‘I never play with a smile on my face.’


~ by waffler on September 20, 2007.

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