‘This gorilla saved my career’

Phil Collins HitsA lot has been made of the new Cadbury chocolate ad. You know the one, with the gorilla playing Phil Collins’ ‘In the Air Tonight’. The views of the ad on YouTube has passed the 1 million mark and people are explaining that it’s their favourite ad of the moment. Bizarre, has nothing to do with chocolate, what’s not to like??

But Waffler thinks the people who are loving the publicity more than anyone is Phil Collins and his record company. One can only imagine the day Phil was told his ‘classic’ song would be used in the advert. ‘Phil, you know how good it is? Well we’re gonna have a gorilla doing the drums bit. It’s for chocolate. It’ll be hilarious!’

You always know something big has happened to a persons music career when they start advertising ‘Best of…’ albums on prime-time television. Elvis had it a few weeks ago: it was the thirtieth anniversary of his death. Pavarotti had it: he sadly died, RIP. This week, Phil Collins is advertising his greatest hits album freely on prime-time TV in the UK and Ireland. The ten second advert features one song. Yep, you guessed it, ‘In the Air Tonight’…

Waffler can’t wait for the stickers to start appearing on the album: ‘As heard with on the Cadbury gorilla ad’.


~ by waffler on September 20, 2007.

One Response to “‘This gorilla saved my career’”

  1. If any artist has earned a right to whore his image, it’s the Phil. Legend.

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