Meeja: The cat that brought down a BBC editor

SocksLook at that cat. Look at him. So sweet and cute and stuff. Perfect for a children’s television show that is used to having famous pets from Petra to Shep to Bonnie to Mabel. Classic Blue Peter pets one and all. But this cat is different. Underneath it’s decidedly fluffy exterior this cat has a killer instinct and the news today that the cat is at the middle of yet another TV deception row in Britain has led to the sacking of a top BBC editor.

Media Guardian broke the story yesterday that the cat named Socks shouldn’t have been called Socks at all! An online vote on the Blue Peter website invited viewers to choose what the then-kitten should be named. The vote was counted and ‘Cookie’ came out on top. But the BBC editor and production staff were fearful of such a name. Why, we don’t really know. Waffler can only think of two possible reasons:

  1. That the name Cookie rhymed with ‘nookie’
  2. That the name Cookie would encourage those little children to eat more sugary snacks, thus encouraging the obesity problem

Nonetheless, only today, 18 months after the incident occurred has the BBC admitted that a mistake had been made. Richard Marson is the man that now faces the BBC axe, while Socks will remain and quite possibly will be the subject of some death threats from the aforementioned Mr. Marson. Or a cat-napping. The BBC could be getting furballs sent in the post as fears for the safety of Socks grows. Imagine that, a cat has been the result of your downfall from the public service broadcaster. Hate that.

Meanwhile, Blue Peter has sought to put things right for their viewers. So when the new series begins next week, a new kitten will be brought on to the show named, yep you guessed it, Cookie. An apology will also be aired apologising and explaining to the children of Britain that what they did was ‘wrong’ and ‘not nice’. Wait a minute, deja vu. Haven’t we been here before? Only a few months ago did Blue Peter get in trouble for having a competition winner who was at the other end of the studio at the time.

Ah, remember the times that Blue Peter used to get in trouble for the little things? A memory from YouTube.


~ by waffler on September 20, 2007.

One Response to “Meeja: The cat that brought down a BBC editor”

  1. God bless Phil and his broom cupboard! BP has always fretted over the small things, like stop-clocks and coke-fiending presenters!

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