An Irish Sporting Crisis: Minister refuses to rule out ’emergency plan’

Seamus BrennanWord is probably reaching Eddie O’Sullivan and Stan now. Lads, the game is up. The government are on your case! So it was that more time was spent on last night’s Questions and Answers answering a question regarding our national sporting heroes than the deepening crisis at Northern Rock. Politicians: getting their priorities right.

It was no accident that the Minister for Arts, Sport and Tourism was the token government minister on the panel on RTÉ One last night. Research knew that while people were marginally concerned at the banking situation, they saw the dropping of Peter Stringer as a signal that there was a far more volatile situation going on in Bordeaux.

Eamon Gilmore flexed his muscles  as the new Labour leader by giving the first opinion on the question: ‘Can Eddie O’Sullivan and Steve Staunton be blamed for overpaid players underperforming?’ Eamon set up his camp with a dangerous comment questioning the sacking of Brian Kerr. Waffler questions whether Pat Rabbitte would have given such a Labour stance on the issue had he still been leader, or whether he would have questioned whether the FAI were in dealings with the tooth fairy.

As the question was put to Seamus Brennan, it was proclaimed that it was his fault for the shocking performances. Seamus laughed and gave a lesson in diplomacy, saying that Ireland was a tiny country with huge expectations. Sure it’s 3.5 million vs. 70 million people on Friday! How will we cope?! Seamus threw the rules of the professional era, 3 triple crowns and a Heineken Cup victory out the window as he sought to quell the angry mob the audience had turned into. We need to quell our ambitions.

Seamus, I hate to tell you but if that was always the attitude we would never win any match against anyone… unless it was against Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, San Marino or Vatican City.

Brian CodyBrennan failed to stop the viciousness of the mob, who called for Stan’s head (they were a little more diplomatic with Eddie, he did win something). One of the angry mob then proclaimed the answer – Brian Cody! He would motivate them, and his Kilkenny accent was much better than a Louth one anyway. Therefore the team could listen to him without the boys sniggering down the back.

Waffler did feel for Richard Aldous, though. An avid England rugby fan, he said ‘we’re still stuck with Brian Ashton. I’ll leave you with that thought…’

You can see the debate by clicking here.


~ by waffler on September 18, 2007.

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