Monsieur Bertie, who is this Monsieur Mahon?

Bertie v JacquesIt’s been a tough week. You’re sailing along, cool as you like and after an impressive first-half of the year the country is pretty much behind you all the way. Results went you’re way and the cabinet is now looking just as good as it did this time last year, even if it wasn’t quite what you were hoping for in January. You saw France as the perfect opportunity to show how far the country has really come and what an impressive outfit you really have. Then a stumbling block. Or two. Suddenly, France doesn’t look quite so rosy and to be honest, you don’t even know if you’ll be making the trip.

No, not the rugby team, it’s Bertie and the damn Mahon Tribunal.

Poor Bertie. His itinerary has been put right off sync because of the whole ‘was it dollars or was it sterling’ question and those pesky tribunal lawyers looking for information! The Taoiseach was due to travel to Paris on Friday morning for a series of engagements with French President Nicolas Sarkozy. He was also due to visit the Centre Culturel Irlandais and attend a dinner for the Ireland Fund. Oh, and he was due to go to Saint-Denis to see a little rugby game that night. A nice little jaunt for the Taoiseach. So much so, there’s a bit of a posse going. Mickey Martin, Seamie Brennan and newcomer and resident ‘quiet one’ Trev Sargent are the lads who’ll be donning the leprechaun suits from Carroll’s and tag along in a campervan to the Stade de France. Maybe.

A problem, though.

Sarkozy Love HandlesBertie is due before the tribunal again on Thursday, but reports from the tribunal on Friday suggested that the enquiry may take up to a day and a half to peer over that mysterious ‘Celia and the briefcase’ incident. And reports tonight suggest that officials in the Department of the Taoiseach are seeking emergency tweaking if needs be on Thursday evening.

Waffler, for one, really does hope that Bertie makes it. Sarkozy, by right should not like the Taoiseach at all, because he is, of course, one of the few socialists left in Ireland. Ah but they could swap stories regarding the state of Europe, and all that media hunting that goes on. ‘Jaysus, I know,’ Bertie would say. ‘Briefcases, Celia, Dollars, Wall. It’s doing my head in.’

‘Ah but Monsieur Bertie, wait until the media talk about your love handles. Then you start to worry!’


~ by waffler on September 17, 2007.

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