It could have been worse I suppose

Keith GillespieFurther to our discussions regarding the Irish team’s glorious failure from Wednesday night, a trawl through the world wide web shows that things COULD have been a whole lot worse:

1. The Irish players could potentially have been involved in a fight on the way home a bit like the Northern Ireland team. After Keith Gillespie’s (right) own goal saw the team stumble to third in their group and making their task of reaching the finals a hell of a lot more difficult, not even the nice Icelandic cabin crew could stop the ‘altercation’ taking place between Gillespie and George McCartney. The tragic thing is, this came before the flight even took off and the Norn Iron players received their packet of peanuts! Maybe it was over said packet of peanuts. More likely, Waffler thinks that the altercation could have happened like so:

George McCartneyMcCartney [seeing Gillespie place his bag in the compartment]: ‘Oh yeah, Gillespie’s put in the goal again! How many goals for Norn Iron is that now Keith? Three? Oh wait, still two, the one tonight was in the wrong goal!!’

Gillespie: ‘I’m part of the reason we’re even thinking about going to the Euros. Where were you during Lawrie Sanchez’s reign? Feeding the dog? Washing your silly eyebrows?’

McCartney: ‘MY eyebrows? MY eyebrows? If Lawrie’s so good why are you still playing in the Champonship?’

Gillespie: ‘At least I can get a game!’

McCartney: ‘What? I’m worth 16 points in Fantasy Premier League!’

Gillespie: ‘Ferdinand is better than you and anyway, what do you win? A packet of peanuts? I’ll give you the ones on this flight.’

McCartney: ‘Peanuts? I’m worth £4.5 million!!’

Gillespie: ‘You’re still worth peanuts! With your silly eyebrows!’

McCartney: ‘That’s the last time you slag my f***ing eyebrows! C’mere ya little @^*$£$’

*Note: We really can’t be sure but it could be this….

2. For all the moaning we were doing regarding Mr. Vassaras’ refereeing skills on Wednesday night, we could have got Stuart Dougal to referee the match. Poor, poor Stuart. Up there in the Graham Poll school of referee nightmares, Dougal was the man-in-black for the Euro 2008 qualifier between Turkey and Hungary. The Hungarians were desperately seeking a way to get back into the game when it looked as though Zoltan Gera was clear in on goal with only the keeper to beat. This is what happened:

3. Waffler gets a little confused by Stan. Quiet man off the pitch whose post-match press conferences have all the excitement of watching paint dry, yet a bit of a temperemental little man in the technical area. We all remember him getting sent to the stands in his first game for kicking a water bottle and, my, how we were impressed by Stan’s heart-in-mouth attitude to watching his Irish team! But then again, Stan could become big Luiz Felipe Scolari. So incensed was big Phil at the dismissal of Serbian player Dragutinovic in a tense 1-1 draw with Portugal that he gave the defender, what Waffler would call, a bit of a slap. Scolari immediately consulted the Zinedine Zidane book of excuses and stated that the Serbian had insulted his family in Spanish... therefore deserving of big Phil’s swipe. Dragutinovic, naturally enough, didn’t take kindly to all this and proceeded to try and attack Scolari with a wagging finger! One can only imagine Stan – the ‘Dundalk Dynamo’ – giving a left hook to an opposing player for insulting his hair… or Louth. All Waffler says is watch out Miroslav Klose at Croker


~ by waffler on September 14, 2007.

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