Hearing you Louth and clear, Stan

StanReports from yesterday’s Irish team press conference in Prague, focus not on the pearls of wisdom offered by Stan (pictured, right) but on the translation of Stan’s pearls of wisdom. Unfortunately for the official translator brought in to facilitate those unfamiliar with the English language, she had never come across such a thick Louth accent as that gifted to our Ireland manager. In fairness, there are times that the majority of the Irish population haven’t the foggiest notion what Stan is talking about.

Mix into the accent the use of words like ‘gaffer‘, ‘Dunnie‘, ‘Keano‘ and ‘Reidy‘ and one has to feel sorry for any translator who has to contend with such a tough customer. Chances are the poor girl is usually drafted in to be go-between for well-spoken Irish and American businessmen rather than a ‘Gaffer’ from Dundalk.

Waffler loves accents. Just the other day, Six One broadcast a report from O’Malley Park in Limerick in which Jim Fahy asked the opinions of locals on the potential redevelopment of the area. One woman had a fantastic insight. I’ve no idea what she said but it sounded like something a little like:

“Shure Ai havenohhprobblemmm wis knockhing thehouuushes hier ahlong ah de ha a…. playground… wheee neees a… playground”

Yeah, I’ve no idea why she stopped, pondered and delivered ‘playground’ so eloquently, but hey, it made her sound good!

Staunton is probably one of the best impressions by Mario Rosenstock on Today FM. So precise, yet so hilarious. Have a look at the video below and just watch the laughter as ‘Stan’ talks about the ‘tough’ opposition San Marino pose. This is before Ireland scraped a win over the minnows with a late, late 2-1 win!! So hilarious, so precise!!

What’s the Czech for ‘at the end of the day’??

PS: I couldn’t let this topic go without my favourite ‘translation’ scene ever! “He wants you look at camera!”


~ by waffler on September 12, 2007.

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