Why blog…

Such a perfectionist! It’s odd trying to write a first post of a blog you hope will be some way successful. How this success will be measured, I have nooooo idea! But what the hey, Bebo is old and decidedly boring and Facebook? Well, how many add-ons does one website need in order to keep up to modern standards? “You’ve been offered a pint at Happy Hour!!” Whoop-de-do! There’s only so much of that I can take.

So instead, this blog has been set up. Due to the completion of college and the search for a job being somewhat disjointed and slow, using the journalistic skills of the past and the technology of the future (jeez I sound about 90 now) this blog will take a look at Ireland and beyond. In a quirky way. Sometimes stupid, sometimes serious, but always entertaining! I hope.

Anyhoo, in case there’s any confusion regarding ‘waffler’, the title is taken from one of the best ever exchanges in the Oireachtas from December 5, 1994. In front of a committee, and being accused by Fine Gael’s Gay Mitchell of hiding behind a ‘smokescreen’, our present Taoiseach Bertie Ahern snapped at poor Gay saying:

‘Nobody is smoke screening. If you stop waffling we might get some work done. You are a waffler. You have been years around here waffling.’

Ah, Bertie. What would you do without him, eh?

PS: All messages, comments, criticism is greatly received. Add me to your blogroll! But please, any court cases and I’ll refer you to my solicitor! Enjoy!


~ by waffler on September 10, 2007.

3 Responses to “Why blog…”

  1. Have at it.

  2. Hi Eoin
    I’ve recently been to Ireland in the county of Meath. I didn’t know Ireland very well but now I love it (the picture above fits very well although Irish roads are sometimes a bit bumpy 🙂 ). Hope to see some interesting posts of you about the country!

  3. Herbst, the picture above is probably one of the best roads in the country!! 😉

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